At Supplement Formulation, we take your vision and develop it into a unique nutritional offering to improve your customer’s quality of life. Nutritional Supplements have been shown to be a safe, cost-effective, and efficacious way of providing solutions to a wide-range of illnesses and diseases in our ever-changing environments.

Our expert team has the knowledge and the desire to develop innovative, be-spoke formulations for your company and consumers. Nutritional products, when formulated and produced properly, can have a profound effect on the quality of life being experienced. This is the goal of our company; improving the quality of life being experienced by one and all through the fundamental power of nutritional products.

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Supplement Formulation’s primary focus is the development of nutritional formulations for companies operating in the nutritional and pharmaceutical sectors. The nutritional experts at Supplement Formulation have the technical expertise to work across a broad range of health and wellness categories.

We have the expertise and the proficiency to create something new and unique for your brand, whether this is an extension to an existing product range, a new endeavour entirely or updating existing products, considering the advancements in our understanding of nutritional materials and the development of nutraceuticals.

We are proficient in all nutritional materials from vitamin and mineral substances, to botanical and herbal ingredients. Our team can develop capsules, tablets, powders and even liquids that are targeted at the mass-consumer market or targeted to specific niche sectors.

The below, surmises a list of requests made by companies that we have worked with in the past for additional supports and services, and they can be utilised as part of a retention service or as a stand-alone task.

Currently, we are able to provide the following:

  • The Formulation of Nutritional Supplements,
  • Developing the supply chain and production pathway for these products if required, as well as the direct production of the products by our trusted and vetted partners,
  • Nutritional Writing,
  • The Development of Nutritional Plans targeted specifically to your Audience,
  • Outside Consultancy on existing operations or on new endeavours.
  • Day to Day technical support on existing offerings.

Please get in touch with us to find out more.

About Us

Our team has over twenty years of direct experience in the nutritional and supplemental industry. Throughout these years, the team has developed nutritional supplements in various formats, practiced in private clinics, provided supports to the medical profession on integrative healthcare, developed training models for companies and institutes, developed white papers to support Governmental agendas, provided advice to investment funds, worked with leading experts in the medical and nutritional sectors, and more.

To see your work improving the quality of someone’s outlook on life, no matter how great or small, is the best work to be engaged in. We take great pride in our work, understanding that someone somewhere is placing their faith in us and we will not disappoint!

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Please contact us with your query, what are your thoughts and ambitions, and how do you think we can help. We will be in touch as soon as possible and we look forward to beginning the conversation.